Princess 32M

  • 2011 - 2015
32,00 m / 104,99 ft
7,11 m / 23,33 ft
1,98 m / 6,50 ft
115,00 tonne
Cruising speed
22,00 kn
Max speed
24,00 kn
12 900 liters
Fresh water
1 800 liters
Displacement half
Sea class
A. Ocean Ships

a Demonstration of its first superyacht at the London exhibition in 2011 became a time of celebration for the shipyard of Plymouth. The giant ship had managed to "shove" in the exhibition pavilion, to make a bright and successful login "Class M" in the new sector of the industry. Collaboration with Fendi Casa has allowed to create high-quality Italian semi-custom interiors, and private designers Princess took care of the classic sports appearance of the Princess 32M and the corresponding running performance. This fiberglass tri-deck superyacht has all the attributes of a serious cruise ship: good power reserve, water Park toys and the ability to provide comfort even in rough seas.

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    Princess 32M
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