Princess 64

  • 2013 - 2017
  • 3 Cabin
  • 6 Bed
19,70 m / 64,63 ft
5,03 m / 16,50 ft
1,45 m / 4,76 ft
30,00 tonne
Cruising speed
30,00 kn
Max speed
34,00 kn
3 409 liters
Fresh water
909 liters
Sea class
B. Sea craft

the Boat with this price tag is not a hot, but, nevertheless, immediately after the debut of the shipyard fell (in the yacht's volume) orders for Princess 64. She beckons, above all, the spaces and their judicious use. This boat has four double cabins on the lower deck. The fifth can be used as the crew quarters, but with equal success it will come from children or additional guest cabin. Designers of British shipyards tried to provide the cabins with natural light and artificial light to intensify, adding to the interiors bright white elements.

Princess 64 the galley, dining and helm station are combined in a single zone, which is very convenient — no need to run around with trays up and down. The kitchen closes from the dining room sliding glass door: if the chef doesn't like it when he's hovering — he will appreciate this nice little thing. However, when you go out to sea and live in a closed space, every detail matters — the Princess and the designers know it.

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    Princess 64
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