Princess 60

  • 2013 - 2017
18,61 m / 61,06 ft
4,83 m / 15,85 ft
1,27 m / 4,17 ft
30,50 tonne
2 818 liters
Fresh water
793 liters
Sea class
B. Sea craft

In a bright and spacious yacht Princess 60 has everything for a comfortable stay. Three cabins, equipped with bathrooms, flybridge with Minibar (includes grill, refrigerator, sink) and a main salon with entertainment center. As the latter becomes party Central, the shipyard offers many opportunities for improvement, taking into account the wishes of the owner.

the fuel on the Princess 60 will be enough for a day long cruise at a speed of 20 knots. Such boat is accustomed in places where there are no problems with refuelling.

If you're satisfied with the Princess 60, but the cabins are not enough, then you should pay attention to her "sister", Princess chetyrehosnuju 64, which, moreover, is optimal for Charter.

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    Princess 60
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